10 celebrities that smoke weed on the regular

10 celebrities that smoke weed on the regular

Weed has been used by the rich and powerful since the dawn of our civilization. During the Persian Empire, hundreds of governors, warriors, and actors smoked weed on the regular.

It is believed that the ancient Greeks philosophers consumed cannabis during their studies and debates.  Herodotus mentioned that they put some herbs under fire and immediately some vapors emitted turned the atmosphere more agreeable and opened their minds. Similar reports describing cannabis can be found in hundreds of diaries and records from emperors, kings, and scientist. 

Before the 60s, public acknowledges of cannabis smoking was common among singers and movie stars. There are some TV interviews where they publicly admitted the benefits they got from smoking weed regularly. Afterward, there was a “don’t ask don’t tell” period, in which celebrities suggested they used weed on the regular. Thanks to the colossal efforts of the pro-legalization movement, nowadays, no one feels ashamed of taking advantage of cannabis and celebrities confirm they are regular weed smokers. 

Hundreds of celebrities around the globe openly express they smoke weed on the regular. Among the most notorious celebrities are:

Bob Dylan

bob dylan

Bob Dylan is considered the most recognized singer of the United States. He is even a Nobel Laureate that was awarded the Literature Nobel in 2016, for his contribution to redefining the boundaries of literature. The Singer openly admits he is a regular weed smoker. The body relaxing effects eliminating the muscle tension, is one of the main reasons he uses it. The singer is one of the oldest pro-legalization activist. He answers affirmatively every time he is asked about his weed habits and takes every opportunity to support is recreational uses.

The Beatles

The legendary rock band members publicly admitted to smoke weed on the regular. Ringo Starr songwriter, singer, and actor, who was the band drummer, during a live interview on the Conan show, he openly admitted he is a regular cannabis user. Referring to the Beatles he said, “when it comes to trying new things, the drummer always goes first” He confirmed with a great Yes the question about his regular weed consumption.

Morgan Freeman

morgan freeman

Morgan Freeman has been fighting for the cannabis legalization since his teenage years. The actor said “Prohibition is the stupidest law possible… just legalized and taxed like we do with liquor”.  The actor consistently reports to be a cannabis regular user. He goes the extra mile by admitting that he will never leave it. He even has a name for weed, he calls it “the ganja”. One of his most popular cannabis supporting quotes is “You never give up the ganja”

Bob Marley

bob marley

The reggae icon smoked cannabis massively, he considered that the herb was a path to conscious awakening and a reintegration of humans with nature and the creator. He was maybe the first to smoke on stage. His most memorable quote was “To make marijuana against the law is like saying God makes a mistake”

Miley Cyrus


The popular actress and singer is a full supporter of marijuana recreational use and the people right to smoke or consume cannabis on regular basis. She admits using weed regularly to cope with anxiety and tension from her work. Her most popular quote pro-weed legalization is “Marijuana is the best drug on earth”.

Brad Pitt

brad pitt

Brad Pitt is a well-known Hollywood actor who uses cannabis on the regular. The actor has reported that weed is the best remedy for him to cope and prevent depression.

Snoop Dogg

snoop dog

Snoop Dogg has been fighting for the people’s right to smoke weed his entire life. The Rap Singer is probably the best known celebrity that publicly admits smoking weed on the regular. He made a bold confession when he admitted that he taught his sons to smoke weed. The singer said “I cannot prevent them from using it. I would be a hypocrite… if they want to smoke they can learn from the best”

Justin Timberlake


The actor and singer is a regular weed smoker and he is an advocate for its legalization. He smokes weed to calm his mind and improve his creativity. He believes that the cannabis legalization would reduce the crime rate in half.



The Barbados Princess Rihanna has been spotted smoking weed in several occasions. She is a proud advocate for the cannabis recreational use legalization. She was involved in a hotel scandal after being kick-out of a Barbados hotel for heavy weed smoking. The singer had uploaded pictures of her with famous Rappers such as     Snoop Dogg and Her Instagram has pictures of her rolling weed’s cigars and puffing suggestive clouds of vapors.

Jennifer Aniston


The actress has publicly admitted that she really enjoys smoking weed and has no remorse for doing it. She considers that weed in moderation is a great tool to enjoy life and relax the mind and body. She was an advocate for Marijuana legalization going a step forward by calling the presidents and congressmen hypocrites for not approving its national legalization as a recreational substance.

Marijuana and Celebs

The list of celebrities that smoke weed on the regular is very long. Unfortunately, the movies stars have reported, they are forced to deny their daily use because the insurance companies for the film industry will decline to cover their movies if they are not clean during the filming. Moreover, the actors have to produce urine samples for daily marijuana test when they are working. As a consequence, film producers try to ban hiring any actors that publicly admits smoking or consuming cannabis.

The reasons for celebrities to smoke weed on the regular are:

  • the cannabis anti-anxiety and relaxing properties
  • the mind silence they achieve after smoking marijuana
  • the creativity improvement they experiment
  • the physical and mental balance they report as an equilibrium of mind and body state
  • the better concentration capacity
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • feel more energetic every day after smoking weed.

Celebrities are in favor of weed.

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