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At Cannabis NB, they approach customer experience in a different way. They focus on the lifestyles our customers live, the occasions they have for using cannabis, and the activities they partake in after consuming for recreational purposes. 

Any possible effects or side-effects they may discuss are those that have been reported by other customers, and by no means guarantees those effects will be the same for you. The best way to determine the right product for you is to determine how you want cannabis to be a part of your life. 

Cannabis NB is the only legal way to purchase Cannabis online for residents of New Brunswick. 

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24 hours a day 7 day a week

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  1. Guygay

    They are noob and foolish and satanic

  2. Guy larochelle

    They are creepy monster no soul only manipulation in the house

  3. Guy larochelle

    L’ost soûl creepy twisted eyes server in Tracadie nb a real puppetry

  4. MYOB

    Buy something, it doesn’t work. Your screwed. Their answer is too bad so sad, not our problem! DO NOT BUY ANY SUGARLEAF PRODUCT (VAPE PRODUCTS IN PARTICULAR) THEY DO NOT ANSWER PHONE OR EMAILS SHIT CUSTOMER SERVICE

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