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Local Retail Cannabis Shops

Pot Maps Canada

Check out our Marijuana dispensary shops. Search where to find the top rated local shop in your city! 

Use our handy Pot Maps feature where you can find retail cannabis locations right on a Map!

More shops will be added in the near future! Don’t see your favorite shop listed? Let us know about them! Visit our contact us page to send us a message, Or comment below!

Cannabis Store locations in Canadian Cities

More Locations in Canada

How to use:

  1. Click on the city you are looking to purchase cannabis.
  2. You will find all local retail Cannabis shops to buy marijuana in the city you selected.
  3. Use our handy “Map It” feature to instantly get directions to the location via Google Maps.

Legal Cannabis sales are here! Each City has its unique rules and regulations when it comes to Cannabis Sale in retail locations. Just like any new product there will be confusion on where and how to buy Marijuana. Are you out of town and looking for a Local Marijuana shop? Look no further. We have the top retail cannabis location listed across Canada!

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