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Ontario Cannabis Store Online

The OCS which stands for Ontario Cannabis Store. The OCS website is the only way residents of Ontario can purchase legal marijuana Online. Online sale of Cannabis is restricted to the provincial government of Ontario. Store front sales of Cannabis is now privatized.

Online Store Hours:

24 hours a day 7 day a week

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  1. Kristi Darrah

    So they are always out of stock, and we can’t order from anywhere else? Wtf?!?

  2. Randy

    Takes 3 days just to pick your order then you have to wait another 3 or 4 days to get .
    Leave it to the government to make you wait a week to get your smoke .
    Also always out of stock on many strains
    Ontario pot store is oh so lsme

  3. justim

    they shipped me an empty package of pre-rolls. have to wait 21 days for an investigation, meanwhile, im out of pocket and out of meds. also shipping always 3 to 5 days late. it seems like the product is weighed for shipping and then cured. they dont estimate or predict product shrinkage. im just supposed to trust that at one time this was 3 grams. its 2.1, grams. the prices are ridiculous, but its all we have.

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