48North – Granddaddy Purple Pre-Roll

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THC: 17-23 +/-%

CBD: 0-2 +/-%

Indica– Granddaddy Purple by 48north is an indica dominate strain grown indoors. These come as 0.35 gram joints. They were rolled really well and burn nicely.  Overall a light high effect that was not too intense. Great for relaxing and getting you to sleep. The packaging is the best we have seen. There is very little waste in material, it’s made out of cardboard and the package was easy to open. Granddaddy purple  by 48North is high-ly recommended.

  • Happy
  • Relax
  • Sleepy
  • High THC

Flavors and Odors

Odor–  strong peppermint smell

Main Terpene Profile

  • Beta-Caryophyllene
  • Alpha-Pinene
  • Beta-pinene




48North – Granddaddy Purple Pre-Roll Review

Our Score

(3 customer reviews)

3 reviews for 48North – Granddaddy Purple Pre-Roll

  1. Nina

    Love the package so much. Such a chill high. My favourite pre rolls to date

  2. The other Nina

    My favorite go-to pre rolls.

  3. David Jervis

    These are the best! Perfect amount of weed per joint, the flavor is good, they burn well, papers are great that they use, packaging is on point. i’m just having a hard time finding them around the city of toronto

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