UP – Gems

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THC: 12.6%

CBD: 0.03%

Hybrid – (Sativa dominant) Lighter green larger leaves fuzzy with crystals creating buds that are more loosely packed with fewer brown hairs. A hybrid sativa dominant strain with some energizing effects. Although being lower in THC content this bud still has some noticeable effects. Good for novice users as the “high” is not overwhelming but does give you a body high of feeling
almost heavy, a fun and more uplifting experience sure to bring on the giggles. Pungent smell but smooth when
smoking. A well-rounded good cannabis.

  • Anti- stress
  • Anti-anxiety
  • Uplifting
  • Calming
  • Good for novice or new users

Flavors and Odors

Smell – A strong Earthy/Soil smell.

Flavor – Pine Trees, Jasmine and Clove

Main Terpene Profile



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