Client Portal - Text Notification Form.

Please enter all required information. Allow up to 12 hours for text notification approval. You will be contacted by email to notify you of the approval. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to Email or Text us at 855-734-8768

For more information about GotLeaf’s Text notifications Click Here

  • Text Notifications is only available to Edmonton and Area. More locations will be added soon.
  • Please input the message you would like us to send. Messages can include a link to a web page. Maximum 130 Characters.
  • Pick which Day you like your Notification sent
  • :
    What time would you like your Notification text to be sent out? Must be between 9am-8pm local time. If no time is chosen a default time (3pm local time) will automatically apply.
    GotLeaf will have final say if the message notification is aloud to be sent. Gotleaf is not liable for any damages or other unforeseeable situations from notifications sent.