The Best Rolling Papers For Cannabis

The Best Rolling Papers For Cannabis

The Top Papers for rolling Joints

It’s time to answer that vital question about what the best rolling papers are and where you can get them from!

One of the most popular and traditional ways to enjoy weed is in rolling papers. Knowing which the best rolling papers are isn’t always an easy question to answer as there are so many different rolling papers available to choose from. Many people who are new to weed look down on rolling papers, but they’re still one of the most popular social ways for smokers to enjoy smoking weed. There is nothing like passing around a joint or blunt at a party or social gathering and enjoying weed as part of a large group of friends.

The History of Marijuana Rolling Papers

People have been rolling tobacco into rolling papers for centuries, but what is the history surrounding the blunt or marijuana rolled into rolling paper? 

There are a lot of different ways to enjoy weed and a lot of exciting new ways that people can enjoy weed. Things like dab rigs are a great way to get into concentrates. While vaporizers are a new and exciting alternative to smoking through water pipes and bubblers.

Despite all of these different ways that people can enjoy weed, for many people smoking weed through rolling papers is still the most recognizable and popular way to enjoy this favorite pastime. The blunt is named after the popular Phillies Blunt brand of cigars, although a blunt could be made of any type of rolling paper. 

They have a variety of different names around the globe with some weed enthusiasts calling them joints, spliffs, blunts, rollies, or js. Whatever you call them, they have one very important thing in common. They have crumbled up weed rolled up in rolling papers and shaped into a cylindrical shape.

While blunts or joints are linked to weed, the original idea behind them is tied directly to tobacco. 

People have been using rolling paper to roll tobacco since the early 1500s at least. It was in the 1950s and 1960s that we first started to see cannabis being rolled into joints and blunts using the best rolling papers. 

It was then that popular artists, celebrities, and music groups started to feature the iconic rolling papers in their album covers, press releases, parties, and art.

The Evolution Of Rolling Papers And Weed

While initially small and compact, rolling papers and joints soon started to evolve. Like most things in our civilizations, bigger was always considered better. 

The desire for excess started to increase, and people were trying to roll the biggest and fattest joints and blunts using the best rolling papers available. Rolling papers became bigger, and longer and weed was plentiful. 

Things were looking great for cannabis enthusiasts as more and more weed became available and people challenged themselves to roll ever bigger joints.

It doesn’t matter how much weed you put into your rolling papers or how big or long they are, users are convinced that using rolling papers to smoke weed offer a substantial amount of benefits compared to other smoking methods.

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Some of the benefits of rolling blunts or joints with rolling papers are:

  • Smoking weed in the rolling paper makes the weed last much longer
  • Smoking weed in joints or blunts will give you bigger hits
  • Smoking weed rolled into blunts or joints is a more socially accepted method of smoking weed

What to look for when you’re searching for the best rolling papers!

When it comes to selecting the best rolling papers, there are several different things which you should be considering. 

The best way to start in determining which are the best rolling papers for you is by starting with understanding what you’re looking for in your rolling papers. 

You may discover that what you consider to be the best rolling paper, doesn’t suit all your friends, or vice versa. That’s why it’s important that you choose the best rolling paper for what you want. 

Let’s check out some of the different materials the best rolling papers are made from and what are some of the pros and cons of each type of rolling paper.

  • Wood Pulp Rolling Papers

    – Wood pulp rolling papers were the first rolling papers to hit the markets and are still available to this day. It’s the same type of paper that cigarettes are made from and most writing papers. The biggest advantage of wood pulp rolling papers is that they’re easy to use. They have a medium/fast burn rate and generally stay alight well. The disadvantage to wood pulp rolling papers is that they produce the most ash, contain the most chemicals and have a very distinct taste when smoking them.
  • Rice Paper Rolling Papers

    – Rice rolling papers are some of the thinnest rolling papers available. They have the least noticeable taste, and most contain very few chemicals or additives. The disadvantages to rice rolling papers are that because they are so thin, they’re hard to roll with and often have a very slow burn rate that means they can go out of passed around too slowly.
  • Hemp Rolling Papers

    – Hemp combines the benefits of wood pulp rolling papers and rice rolling papers. They are made using 100% natural hemp fibers, and most are unbleached. They are one of the best and most natural ways that you can enjoy weed in rolling papers.

The Best Rolling Papers Conclusion

When it comes to size and paper type, choose a paper type and size of paper that’s going to suit your smoking needs. If you are going to be rolling large spliffs to pass around at a party with friends, then you’re going to need a wide and long paper. 

If it’s just for your own personal enjoyment, then you might want to look at smaller papers that won’t waste as much weed if you don’t smoke them all. The best rolling papers are rolling papers that suit you. 

Don’t be fooled into buying the most popular rolling papers if they aren’t exactly what you’re looking for. Happy smoking!

Top Rolling Papers For Cannabis

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