Using Herb Grinders | A Step by Step Guide

Using Herb Grinders | A Step by Step Guide

“How difficult can it be using a grinder?” Thinking this you perform an inaccurate maneuver and BAM! the device gets broken. 

It may seem easy, however; there are some technicalities that you should be aware of. 

Plus, if you are a beginner, you first need to find your way around the learning curve by understanding how to use a grinder. In this article, we are going to teach you how. But first, let’s start from the beginning.

What is an Herb Grinder?

As already suggested in the name, an herb grinder is a compact device that shreds the cannabis into smaller pieces, which are easy to use. They come in a multitude of shapes and sizes as well as varying build quality — each offering different benefits.

Some are manual whereas some others use built-in batteries to grind the herbs. The latter is better when it comes to functionality and performance, but it isn’t the most affordable option.

Why Do You Need One?

Not only does the ground-up weed taste better but it also feels smoother in the throat. Moreover, the potency of the plant increases many times over when you use shredded herbs in the vaporizer. But why is that? When you grind herbs the surface area increases and the heat inside the vaporizer is distributed evenly and reaches to more plant matter. As a result, you witness tastier, bigger, and more potent vapors.

Cannabis is packed with health benefits, and most of them are therapeutic in nature. It helps to alleviate chronic pain, stress, depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorders, etc. One of the biggest advantages of consuming cannabis is that the plant helps the patient in fighting cancer.

Although there isn’t much evidence to support the claim, patients still largely link many cancer-curing benefits with cannabis. However, the results are only as effective as expected when you are using a quality vaporizer along with an herb grinder.

How to Use an Herb Grinder

Step 1: Remove the lid and place the buds around the edges. Avoid placing any material near the center because this is where the least rotation occurs. Don’t try to shred the herbs too much using your fingers because the potent pollens will stick to your skin.

Step 2: Put the lid on and start rotating. It may take ten or more rotations to shred them into fine particles. If you are using a 2-piece grinder, then don’t try to peek or you will end up spilling the powder. That is why having a transparent lid comes in handy. Check out clear top sharptone grinders that have a see-through lid, allowing you to supervise the grinding process.

Step 3: Open up the device and check carefully if there are any chunks left. Remove the fine particles into another surface and then load them into your vaporizer. If you are using sharpstone grinders then use the cleaning tool to remove the chunks between the teeth until the grinder is clean and clear.

Step 4: Bigger grinders come with a bottom chamber to collect kief. If you have one, then scrape out some of the kief onto a separate surface. Sprinkle this on your herbs to make them more potent. Make sure the scraper tool doesn’t tear off the surface.

How to Clean A Clogged Grinder?

weed grinder

Heavy use can make your grinder dirty, especially when the kief resin sticks around the surface. If left unattended, it adheres to the surface more strongly. And it may even get clogged if the material reaches the threads, making it troublesome to rotate the device. You should therefore clean it every time you use it to keep it working properly. 

The following are some tips that you can use to clean an herb grinder:

  • Use the blend of salt and isopropyl alcohol and apply gently to the sticky area. Bong and pipes users would already know how effective this process is to remove residue from the gadget’s surface. After the application waits for a while and gently rub the area to get rid of the persistent stickiness.
  • You can also utilize a toothbrush, paintbrush, or any small cleaning tool to get into tiny places in the grinder.
  • It may sound absurd but keep your grinders in the refrigerator to prevent the kief from sticking to the surface. Or, place it in the freezer for some time before you start cleaning as it will help you remove the material faster and effortlessly.
  • Cheaper grinders are more likely to get dirty faster. Why don’t you bring ease to your life by purchasing a high-end devices like sharpstone grinders?

Tips for Using A Grinder

Here are a few tips that might help you out in getting started:

  • Choose zinc or aluminum grinders as they are durable and easier to maintain.
  • Whatever you choose, make sure it possesses plenty of sharp teeth.
  • Avoid overfilling when you are grinding.
  • Tap the grinder before opening to drive the kief into the bottom chamber.
  • Don’t use the scraper too hard on the surface.
  • While grinding turn the device upside down many times for better results.