What Is the Safest Way to Consume Marijuana?

What Is the Safest Way to Consume Marijuana?

Safety In The Leaf

Okay Marijuana legalization is here and its here to stay (In Canada anyways).If you’re new to marijuana or just thinking about using it and wondering what is the safest way to consume marijuana, then don’t worry we have all the information you’ll need to choose a safe way that suits you.

People often ask what is the safest way to consume marijuana? The first thing that we need to talk about is that marijuana itself is inherently much safer than many other pharmaceutical drugs when it comes to overdosing. 

There have been no reports of anyone ever dying from a marijuana overdose. You can consume too much marijuana and overdose in a sense, but it won’t lead to you dying. 

If you consume too much marijuana, it can lead to symptoms such as anxiety, vomiting, and dizziness. If you experience any of these symptoms after you consume marijuana, you may need to adjust how much you’re consuming.

Marijuana has been undergoing a very big sea change over the last decade. For thousands of years, marijuana has been used as traditional medicine or remedy for many different ailments by a variety of different cultures around the world. 

It was only in the early 20th century that marijuana was reclassified as a narcotic by many governments around the world. All that has changed over the last decade with many countries moving towards allowing medical marijuana and even the complete legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes.

This has led to many people reconsidering how they feel about marijuana and how they could use marijuana for medicinal purposes. 

This renewed interest in marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes has led to many new people seeking out marijuana. In the following article, we’ll talk about some of the different ways to consume marijuana and what is the safest way to consume marijuana?

What Is The Safest Way To Consume Cannabis in 2019?

There are many different ways to consume marijuana, each with its own pros and cons.

 While some may be healthier than others, not all will deliver the same results. To help you choose which method is the safest way to consume marijuana and which is the best for you, we’ll go through each of the most common methods people choose to use to consume marijuana around the world.

Joints/Spliffs – The most traditional way which many people consume marijuana, especially those trying it for the first time in social situations, is via a joint or spliff. 

This is when marijuana is crumbled up and then rolled into the rolling paper like a cigarette. 

The marijuana is then lit with an external heat source such as a lighter and the burning marijuana is inhaled. When the marijuana is burned the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), and CBD (cannabidiol) is inhaled. 

This is one of the easiest ways to enjoy marijuana, but not the most economical or best for your health. When you burn marijuana a lot of the cannabinoids, THC, and CBD, are destroyed because their optimal heating point is below burning. You are also inhaling harmful carcinogens when you burn marijuana in a joint.

Bongs/Pipes and Water Pipes – Another popular way to consume marijuana is via a bong or water pipe. The marijuana is placed into a small bowl, and then a flame is applied. 

When you inhale on the mouthpiece, the smoke is drawn down through the stem, through the water reservoir and then into the chamber where it is inhaled. 

Like joints, the marijuana is still burned, but the water acts to cool down the smoke and filter it slightly. You can also get pipes which function in the same way as water pipes and bongs but don’t contain any water.

Vaporizers – Vaporizers are the new and exciting way that people are consuming marijuana around the world. 

Marijuana is loaded into the vaporizer where it is heated to its optimal heating point. This way the cannabinoids are released, without the marijuana, combusting. 

This gives you optimal cannabinoids, minus the dangerous carcinogens from burning marijuana. It is a much healthier and more economical way to consume marijuana compared to joints and bongs. 

There are thousands of different vaporizers available, and the one you choose will ultimately depend on your personal circumstances and budget.

Edibles – One way many people are enjoying marijuana is via edibles. 

The marijuana is infused into edible items such as suckers, candy, biscuits, and cakes. There are also ranges of marijuana drinks being released. 

Edibles are released into the body much slower than when marijuana is smoked or vaped via a vaporizer, so it’s important to take it slowly until you find out how much you can safely consume. 

The effects are also different and can last much longer. Edibles could be considered one of the healthiest and safest ways to consume marijuana.

Concentrates – Another exciting new addition to the way people are consuming marijuana is via concentrates such as waxes, oils, butter, and shatters. 

The active cannabinoids in marijuana are extracted and refined into the different concentrates. The concentrates are then consumed via a dabbing rig or e-nail device. Small amounts of the concentrate are heated on the bowl of the device, and then the vapor is inhaled. 

Some dab rigs have water filters to cool down the vapor. This is one of the strongest methods of consuming marijuana.

So which method is the safest way?

Vaporizing your Cannabis

As mentioned above, vaping your cannabis is one of the newer ways to smoking weed and probably the most safe. 

Vaporizers heat the marijuana pre-combustion, meaning: you are not burning the marijuana hot enough to create smoke, leaving the unhealthy carcinogens behind, while still extracting the cannabinoids in the marijuana. A Win Win if you ask me!

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But Still....

While it’s almost impossible to say which is the safest way to consume marijuana, some methods of consuming marijuana are better for your health than others. 

A lot will come down to your personal tastes and your budget. 

Whichever method you choose, take it slowly until you learn your comfort levels. 

Always speak with your health care professional before ceasing or starting any new medicine.