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When it comes to where to buy weed in Montreal, we have the best weed shops with the greatest selection of products in the entire city! Check out our list of where to buy weed in Montreal!

Whether you’re in Montreal all for business, pleasure, or moving permanently, it’s important that you know where to buy weed in Montreal. You don’t want to be walking or driving around different weed shops trying to work out which weed shops are good and which weed shops are bad. We have taken the hard work out of it by compiling this list of where to buy weed in Montreal and which shops are worth a visit.

There is nothing more frustrating than wasting your time trying to find weed when you could go straight to a great store. That’s why we have taken all the headaches out of it for you by compiling this great list of where to buy weed in Montreal. Now instead of wasting your time looking for shops to buy weed, you’ll know exactly where to buy weed in Montreal and where the best weed shops in Montreal are.

All retail cannabis locations are run by the government of Quebec. Brick and mortar locations are named SQDC which stands for Société québécoise du cannabis.

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If you’re in Montreal and enjoy a bit of weed, then it makes sense that you would be looking for where to buy weed in Montreal and which weed shops in Montreal are worth visiting. There is nothing worse than wasting hours searching for weed shops and driving around only to find out that the shops have poor selection or even worse, poor products.

Don’t panic if you’re new in Montreal and don’t know where to by weed. We have sourced the best weed shops in Montreal with the best products, prices, and customer service. If you have any questions or would like us to do other cities, then please don’t hesitate to contact us directly. Our team of friendly and professional staff is always more than happy to help.

Top Places To Buy Cannabis In Montreal


Quebec Cannabis Online SQDC

Quebec like most other provinces has chosen to regulate the sale of Cannabis online where Cannabis can only be purchased through there online website.