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Where To Purchase Weed In Ottawa.

where to buy weed in ottawa

Interested in learning where to buy weed in Ottawa? Then worry no more because we have all Cannabis shops in Ottawa right here for you!

Starting October 17th the only legal way to purchase cannabis in Ontario is through the OCS online portal

The new conservative government has implemented new legislation to have retail cannabis locations ran privately. This goes against what the previous liberal government had planned, which was to have retail location government owned and operated.
New private location will be open sometime in 2019. Stay tuned for more.

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Title Address Description
Bodystream Medical Marijuana Services Ottawa421 Rideau St, Ottawa
Canadian Cannabis Clinics595 Montreal Rd #501, Ottawa
Canadian Cannabis Clinics117 Centrepointe Dr Suite 124, Nepean
Cannada’s Culture2547 Baseline Rd, Ottawa
National Access Cannabis1111 Wellington St W, Ottawa
Ontario Cannabis Store OnlineOntario, Canada
WEEDS224 Bank Street, Ottawa

May not be selling Cannabis

WEEDS77 Montreal Rd, Vanier

May not be selling Cannabis

WEEDS1529 Merivale Rd, Nepean

May not be selling Cannabis

Ottawa Cannabis Locations

When you first arrive in a new town like Ottawa, whether it’s for personal reasons or business, you’re often left wondering where to buy weed in Ottawa? It’s a problem that many people face across Canada when they’re looking for places to buy their weed.

All Retail Cannabis locations in Ottawa will be run by the OCS which stands for Ontario Cannabis store. All OCS stores are run by the government of Ontario.

Just like all businesses, you often spend more time searching through websites than you do actually buying the products. We have compiled a list of Cannabis shops in Ottawa, so you don’t have to spend hours wondering where to buy weed in Ottawa? We have gotten the best weed shops in Ottawa based off of certain factors. We were looking for weed shops in Ottawa which provide their clients with friendly and professional customer service, great varieties and strains of weed, and awesome prices.

Ottawa Cannabis




If you’re going to be buying weed in Ottawa, then it makes sense that you shop with the best weed shops in Ottawa. No one wants to waste their money with low-quality marijuana strains and expensive prices. When you first arrive in a big town such as Ottawa, it’s often hard to find places to buy weed. That’s why we have compiled this great directory of weed shops and businesses in Ottawa to make the whole process much easier. If you are wondering where to buy weed in Ottawa, then stop wondering and start scoring some great weed right now!

Don’t worry if you’re new to Ottawa; we have sourced the best weed shops in town for you. If you have any questions or would like us to do other cities, then please don’t hesitate to contact us directly. Our team of friendly and professional staff is always more than happy to help.

Top Places to buy Cannabis in Ottawa.


The OMD – Ottawa Marijuana Dispensary

Currently the OMD only offers Online purchase of Marijuana. *This location may no longer be selling Cannabis

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WEEDS is a national Cannabis brand with location across the country and including Ottawa. *This location may no longer be selling Cannabis

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