Where To Buy Cannabis in Toronto

Open Legal Cannabis Stores in Toronto

If you’re trying to understand where to buy Cannabis in Toronto, then you have come to the right place!  Retail Cannabis stores in Ontario are run privately, Where-as Purchasing Cannabis online is Controlled and Operated by the Ontario government through the Ontario Cannabis Store.

The new conservative government has implemented new legislation to have retail cannabis locations ran privately. This goes against what the previous liberal government had planned, which was to have retail location government owned and operated.
New private location have started to open on April 1st 2019. Visit GotLeaf often for updated recreational cannabis locations mapped in Toronto.

If you’re new in a big place like Toronto, and you are trying to learn where to buy weed in Toronto, then stop searching through hundreds of different websites right now. We have taken the hard work out of learning where to buy weed in Toronto by doing it all for you. We have sourced all the best weed shops in Toronto and have compiled them in one easy place for you.

List of Cannabis Stores in Toronto OPENING SOON

CityStore NameAddress
Toronto -NOW OPENTokyo Smoke
570 Bloor W
570 Bloor St. W
TorontoSessions on
the Beaches
964 Kingston Rd
TorontoTokyo Smoke1 Bloor St. E
TorontoOne Plant
241 Augusta Ave
TorontoTokyo Smoke
1303 Queen St.E
1303 Queen St. E
TorontoZoe’s Cannabis1180 Queen St,. W
TorontoFriendly Stranger
Queen West
237 Queen St., W
TorontoFriendly Time244 Queen St., W
Toronto -NOW OPENCanvas Retail
Cannabis Store
730 Danforth Ave,
Suite 1
Toronto(TBD)2464 Dufferin St
TorontoFriendly Stranger
Church St.
501 Church St.,
Unit 4B
Toronto -NOW OPENShiny Bud2625 Weston Rd.
Toronto -NOW OPENMeta Cannabis
Co. 378 Yonge
378 Yonge St.

It doesn’t matter if you have just arrived in Toronto, there on work, or just visiting, finding out where to buy cannabis in Toronto is probably at the top of your priority list. Due to the recent changes in the marijuana laws in Canada, it’s now legal to buy and possess marijuana which is going to play a huge part in buying weed in Toronto. It also makes it hard to find where the best weed shops in Toronto and which ones are worth visiting.

Cannabis Toronto




We have been researching all the weed shops in Toronto to help provide you with an amazing list of where to buy weed in Toronto and avoid the places you don’t want to shop at. Just like all businesses, there are some great ones and others which aren’t so great. If you’re new to Toronto, obviously you want to find out where to buy weed in Toronto that’s going to give you great value for money, great weed, and excellent customer service. You don’t want to throw your hard-earned money away on terrible weed.

If you have any questions or would like us to do other cities, then please don’t hesitate to contact us directly. Our team of friendly and professional staff is always more than happy to help.

Top places to buy Marijuana in Toronto.

canna cabana

Canna Cabana – Toronto

Canna Cabana located on Youge Street in Toronto Ontario.





1 647 341 9333

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Tokyo Smoke – Toronto

Located on the famous Yonge Street in Downtown Toronto. This location was one of Toronto’s first legal cannabis dispensaries.





416 477 3618

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Ontario Cannabis Online Store

Government operated online cannabis store. The only legal way to purchase cannabis online in Ontario is through the OCS online store.

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